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If you have come here from another website there may be a redirect problem check your spelling and try again.

If not then have a look round there is loads of odd and interesting stuff on here.

Whats this website about then?

I use this website for hosting of images, videos and other stuff there is even a place for you to upload your own pictures. Soon I will be making a file host system to go along with the image host.

I plan to do more with this website but i never have any good ideas of what.

Many servers are hosted on this address and you can find them by clicking on the "servers" link.

Update Log

Ip camera

This ip camera operates 24/7 unless there is a power cut or something breaks usually the second one first.

Or it will get covered in cobwebs and i have no idea on how to stop that.

See the full sized image

Latest blog post.

Very sun

20/07/2016 01:47:43pm

It was very many sun.


Posted by: me


Latest update:

(V2.6) 11/12/15- Changed the navbar- Removed forum and wordpress as they were never used. Also changed the "random" page to "Projects" and made some changes to that

10/12/14- The Forum Is fully up and running!

06/12/14- I am now hosting a Space Engineers server Link

The Server

AMD Phenom 2 x6 1100t @4GHZ

12GB DDR3 1600MHZ

Asus M4N75TD

2x500GB seagate drives in raid

2TB segate drive

300gb WD green for backup

Websites you should also check out.

This is a website buy someone named Shaun it contains lots of web based experiments and statistics from past events.

A website by Ryan it has various things on it, it is also named after Kieran's favourite song

Kieran's website it has a homepage and some links more stuff to come soon probably.

Admin Page/Ftp Connection Guide


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